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Skillful California Lawyers Seek Benefits for Workers Hurt in Industrial Accidents


Workers in the manufacturing, energy production and other industrial fields that involve heavy equipment and dangerous substances are highly more likely to be a victim of an industrial accident which could inflict tremendous harm on workers. at JOHNSON AND CRUZ, PC, we have represented clients in all these industries in the Fullerton area and throughout California by filing Workers' Compensation and personal injury claims against their employers and individuals liable for such incidents. We have successfully obtained the fair and reasonable financial compensation for the injuries our clients have suffered. With our extensive experience, we have been able to provide advantageous settlements through negotiations or court litigation. 

Come around our offices in Fullerton, California for a consult on your industrial injury lawsuits with our work injury lawyers today.

Experienced litigators handle a full range of industrial injury claims

Our attorneys have represented California workers in Workers' Compensation claims arising from all types of industrial accidents, including those involving:

  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Falling objects
  • Fires and resulting explosions
  • Vehicle and offshore rig incidents
  • Gas, oil and chemical spills causing toxic contamination 
  • Dangerous floor conditions caused by serious and willful misconduct by the employer

We would perform a detailed review of the facts of your case, including your symptoms and medical condition. Based on such, we would be able to determine the best course of action to help you obtain the fair and reasonable compensation you deserve. 

Diligent law firm strives to hold all liable parties accountable after a workplace injury

It is understandable that most workers do not understand their rights under California's Workers' Compensation system. They do not know they are entitled to benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. In addition, most workers do not understand that they may have a case against third parties for their negligence. This includes manufacturers of the faulty equipment or drivers of other vehicles. In such cases, we would bring a personal injury claim against those individuals or entities who would be held liable for your injuries. Therefore, our clients are ensured they would receive additional damages, including general damages, otherwise known as pain and suffering. 

Contact a results-oriented California advocate for representation in an industrial accident

For claims arising out of industrial injuries, our firm delivers comprehensive support so that you can obtain full compensation in a ruling/verdict or settlement. If you've been involved in this type of harmful accident, the attorneys of JOHNSON AND CRUZ, PC will develop the strongest course of action on your behalf. Call 714-283-3803 or
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