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California Injury Attorneys Seek Justice for Construction Site Accident Victims

Skilled lawyers help injured construction workers in the Fullerton area recover compensation

There is no doubt that all construction sites are inherently dangerous places to work. In fact, one out of five workplace deaths in the United States involve construction workers. There are many dangerous conditions on the construction sites such as ladders, walkways, or scaffolds which could cause serious injuries to construction workers if they are faulty or not properly installed. If you are a construction worker and have been injured while working on a construction site, you must reach out to JOHNSON AND CRUZ, PC so that we may determine the fair and reasonable compensation you deserve. If you lose wages do to your injuries, we can help you obtain benefits so that you may not miss paying your bills. We represent constructions workers in the Fullerton area and throughout California area. 

California advocates handle a range of construction injury claims

There are many factors or conditions on the construction site that could cause a serious injury to their construction workers. These construction site injuries include:

  • Scaffold or platform falls
  • Burns due to bursting pipes and electrocution from wires 
  • Equipment such as hammers, saws, and other construction tools falling on unsuspected workers
  • Exposure to dangerous materials such as toxic chemicals

The above-referenced construction site injuries have also caused the deaths of numerous construction site workers. Our attorneys represent injured workers and their families in wrongful death claims and death benefits under the Workers' Compensation system.

If you have been hurt on California construction sites, you might have different legal rights and may be able to pursue claims against different individuals or entities. Depending on who is liable for the actions or conditions that caused your construction site injury, our attorneys will determine whether to file a workers’ compensation claim or bring a third-party claim or both.

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys guide clients through worksite accident claims

California's Workers’ Compensation system is a no-fault insurance system wherein employers provide benefits for injured workers. Through the Workers' Compensation system, injured construction workers are able to have their medical expenses and costs paid. There may be limits on which doctors can treat your injuries, how much compensation you can recover per week and the duration of benefits. However, our attorneys strive and fight to help injured construction workers obtain the benefits they are entitled to under California law.

Advisers assist injured workers with third-party claims for compensation

While the Workers' Compensation system was put into place in order to prevent workers from filing lawsuits their own employers, it does not prevent the filing of lawsuits against other individual or entities on a construction site. Workers are able to bring personal injury/negligence claims against other contractors, subcontractors and property owners for injuries sustained on a construction site. Our attorneys will review the facts of your case to determine whether bringing a negligence claim against a third party is a viable option.

Counselors help families after fatal construction accidents

When a construction site injury becomes fatal, our attorneys can help the worker's family get justice they deserve. Families might be entitled to workers' compensation death benefits which include reimbursement for burial expenses and earnings replacement.

If the accident was tied to a third party's negligence (as opposed to the victim or employer), we will assist your family in bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against that individual or entity. We would fight  to help your family obtain compensation for a range of losses that aren't covered under the Workers' Compensation system.

Contact our experienced California attorneys for help with a construction site injury

At JOHNSON AND CRUZ, PC, we provide experienced and skilled representation to injured construction workers throughout California. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries on a construction site, our attorneys will seek the maximum possible compensation. Call us at 714-283-3803 or contact us online to schedule a Complimentary 15 minutes consultation. Our office is in Fullerton.