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Injured Because of a Drunk Driver? Here’s What to Do

Driving under Intoxication is a crime in most places in the world, and in California, BAC levels above 0.8% make it illegal for you to be out on the road. Read More

Filing for Workers Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries: A Guide

A lot of jobs, both those that are labor-intensive and those that are not, can result in different types of repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) that affect millions of people across Read More

4 Situations that Make You Eligible for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury claims cover any and all injuries and fatalities that result from others’ negligence. Many of these injuries might require lengthy medical treatments or a life-long disability that impacts Read More

Workplace Accidents And Injuries

Infographic By Johnsonand Helping you get full worker’s compensation benefits Read More

Repetitive Stress Injuries

How workers’ compensation lawyers help According to the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) RSI affects around 1.8 million workers per year. What exactly is a repetitive stress injury? Repetitive stress injuries refer Read More

Workers Compensation for Electrical Injuries in Fullerton

Electrical injuries can be fatal in many cases. It’s a form of damage that can cause long term disability. Between 2007-2016, around 1,651 workers died due to electrical injury at Read More

Can You Receive Workers’ Comp for PTSD and Similar Injuries?

Worker’s comp is a form of insurance given to workers who have suffered injuries and illnesses in workplaces. The benefits in the package include medical expenses, lost wages, and death benefits. Read More

3 Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be stressful—mostly because people look for one when they’ve just suffered a loss and expect compensation for it. But knowing what to look for in a lawyer Read More

Viewing 1 - 8 out of 8 posts